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Houston hookah bars offer a relaxing lounge atmosphere by day and an upbeat bar vibe by night. Hookah bars in Houston feature fine hookahs, the best assortment of premium flavored tobacco, and the most eclectic smoking accessories to enhance your experience. Most Houston hookah bars have a full bar; making hookah bars very popular nightlife destinations in Houston. Hookah Bars in Houston are more entertaining than ever. Cafe Layal Hookah bars cater to the smoker and nonsmoker alike. Mid town Houston hookah bar location now features live entertainment such as music & belly dancing.

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  Hooka flavors  (12.95)

  Double Apple  Bubble Gum   
  Grape  Orange 
  Strawberry  Watermelon
  Lemon Rose
  Mint  Mixed Fruit 

Apple Head Hooka  (17.99)  

Try our new apple head hooka featuring a real apple for a fresher taste as the head   with your choice of available flavors. 

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